About the Release

Singai Naadu, meaning the 'Land Of The Lion', was written, composed and performed by Shabir Tabare Alam in 2012 for National Day. It was also funded by the CIF Grant in 2012. The lyrics of the song evoke a sense of nationhood and belonging to this land that we call home, and rejoice the racial harmony and social cohesion of our social fabric which has enabled us to strive forth and scale untouched heights as one nation, one people, one Singapore.

Ever since its composition, it has invoked emotions of pride, nostalgia and joy and is compared to the likes of Munnaeru Vaalibaa penned by Mr S Jesudassan back in 1968, which translates to mean 'Forward Oh Youth'. Munnaeru Vaalibaa was the first and only National Day song in Tamil that was used for National Day celebrations until the arrival of Singai Naadu in 2012.

Singai Naadu has ever since been played by Orchestras such as: Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra, Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra, NUS Chinese Orchestra, SMU Chinese Orchestra.

The TENG Company, which organises the Chinese Music Instrumental Grading Examinations in partnership with Confucius Institute - Nanyang Technological University, aims to promote Singaporean music by adding Singaporean compositions to their exam syllabus and printing their scores in their grading books. The TENG company, which offers 8 grades and Professional Performance certifications for 16 instruments, considers Singai Naadu to be an excellent Tamil song worth promoting to young students of Chinese music and included in their syllabus.

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/3v5RP116qC796kHYox2mLc?si=_2VgG4YSQ9CaMeesmwsSmg

Music Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5zLTe3zUKQ