Multiple award-winning music composer, songwriter, actor and producer Shabir Tabare Alam won the Vasantham Star in 2005 held by Mediacorp Vasantham through popular vote. Ever since Shabir has released 4 studio albums and has scored music for 5 feature films including 4 in the highly competitive Indian Film Industry. Very few Indian artists from Singapore venture out of Singapore to make a name for themselves. Shabir has been a trailblazer and a role model as his achievements are inspiring. He mooted the idea of having a new Tamil national day song in 2012 which made him write and compose Singai Naadu, the song that received praised from our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The song is sung in schools and national day events today. Shabir also recorded our late president SR Nathan reciting poetry for Swasam, Scents of Prose, his 3rd studio album. 


Shabir has worked pro-bono for several events. He has contributed to youth organizations such as the National University of Singapore TLS by sponsoring two of their World Tamil University Youth Conference songs. Shabir has also worked extensively with community organizations such as SINDA to teach at-risk Indian youth, music and songwriting. In 2014, Shabir inaugurated Shabir Music Academy, a contemporary music school. Shabir Music Academy awarded free music lessons to Malay children from Darul Ma’wa in 2014. The academy has gone on to conduct several workshops for the community on a pro bono basis. Shabir is also known for his contribution to the Tamil Language Festivals, having written several of the official songs for the Tamil Language Month. Shabir has written over 200 songs to date and this is remarkable for a Singapore Indian music artist, given the scale of the industry.


Shabir is also the only Indian music artist from Singapore to have received the Merit Award at the Asian Television Awards and Edison Awards for Best International Artist. Shabir has scored music for several films which include Sagaa, Dhillukku Dhuddu 2, Sinam and Raju Gari Gadhi 3. RGG3 makes him the first Singaporean to score for a Telugu film. The songs have been released and they have been receiving rave reviews. In recent times, we see Indian newspapers such as The Hindu and Times of India writing articles on Shabir and his music for his films with one headlined as “Notes from Singapore”. Shabir continues to make Singapore and the Singapore Indian community proud on the international front. He won the Singapore Youth Award in 2017, being the first musician of Tamil/Indian descent to win the award. After witnessing tremendous success with his debut film song crossing 80 million combined views on YouTube, Shabir has since become one of the most successful debut composers in Tamil Cinema, going on to sign many more films as a composer. 


His accolades don’t stop with music and they extend to his capabilities as a producer too. Shabir has produced several music videos, one which won Derana TV awards for the best music video in Sri Lanka and he was the producer of the 2017 romantic comedy film titled “Chennai 2 Singapore”. 


Kannadasan Award 2019 (Ajanta Arts India)

Singapore Youth Award 2017

Mediacorp Pradhana Vizha 2016 Best Soundtrack


National Arts Council External Assessor 2016

National Arts Council Arts Advisory Panel Member 2016 to present

Asian Television Awards Merit Award for Soundtrack 2015

MCCY SG 50 Culture & Community Committee Member 2015

National Youth Council Member 2014

Mediacorp  Pradhana Vizha 2012 Most Popular Song (Winner) 

Singapore Tamil Writers Association, Kannadasan Award 2012

Mediacorp Pradhana Vizha 2011 Best Actor (Winner)


Singapore Indian Artistes Association 2011 (Honored Best Actor)


Derana TV Awards 2009, Sri Lanka (Best Music Video)

Mediacorp Vasantham Star 2005 (Winner) 

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